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Welcome from the Provincial Grand Master - R.W.Bro. Peter G. George.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the website for Freemasonry in Cornwall. It is hoped that you will find it both useful and informative.

Many members are using this site more and more to find out more about the Lodges in the Province, particularly those that are quite a distance from their own and for communicating with their fellow brethren.

Non-members, we are finding, are using it to aid their research into Freemasonry and to increase their knowledge base in to this very old and respected organisation.

Freemasonry has been buoyant in Cornwall since 1751 and now boasts 80 Lodges, the position and area of which, you can find when you explore the site. Despite being one of the oldest fraternal orders in existence we are finding that people still value our ideals and wish to help their communities. Quite often the press will publish what Lodges have given to local charities, but unfortunately we tend to think that this is only done when the ‘news is slow’. One thing that is often overlooked is that monies raised are obtained from the membership only and are often given in a quiet manner. Whilst our organisation is more open in informing the public of our giving to our local charities, one thing that has not changed over the years is the requirements that one needs to join. People wishing to join our order should have good morals and be willing to act in a just and upright fashion to our fellow citizens.

One of the most recent aspects of community giving has been that of the ‘Teddies Initiative’ where any young child will receive a Teddy when they arrive in Treliske Hospital for emergency treatment. This gift will ‘hopefully’ reduce the stress levels of both the child and the parents.

To those who are studying the history of Cornwall some of their societies will find the Masonic museums at Redruth and Hayle very interesting, but another aspect quite often missed are the churches throughout the county where some of the plaques on the wall show that the deceased were Masons and respected members of their society.

Please feel free to browse our site, it is hoped that you will find something of interest within its pages,

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

R.W.Bro. Peter G. George.
The Provincial Grand Master