Lodge Diary

October 2017

Wednesday 18th 1900 Duke of Cornwall Elections.
Wednesday 18th 1915 Mount Sinai 2nd Degree.
Wednesday 18th 1900 Carew 3rd Degree & Elections.
Thursday 19th 1800 St. Mary's Talk by a Member of the Lodge.
Thursday 19th 1730 St. George's 3rd Degree.
Friday 20th 1900 St. Stephen's 2nd Degree.
Friday 20th 1545 Roseland Installation, bookng by 15th October.
Monday 23rd 1500 The Earl of Saint Germans Installation, booking before 20th October.
Monday 23rd 1900 Boscawen 50 Year Service Certificate presentation.
Tuesday 24th 1900 Colville Smith Talk on, "The Three Graces" & "Masonry 300 Years Ago."
Tuesday 24th 1915 Tewington 1st Degree.
Tuesday 24th 1630 Penwith Installation, booking by 17th October.
Wednesday 25th 1900 St. Budoc's 2nd Degree.
Wednesday 25th 1900 Breanick 2nd Degree.
Wednesday 25th 1900 Hamoaze 2nd Degree.
Wednesday 25th 1900 Cornubian In Association With Trewinnard Lodge - Elections & 2nd Degree Tracing Board.
Thursday 26th 1900 St. Andrew Elections.
Thursday 26th 1100 Cornish Ashlar Short Talk & Discussion of Study Work.
Thursday 26th 1900 Penhellaz 2nd Degree.
Thursday 26th 1915 St. Pirans 3rd Degree.
Thursday 26th 1600 Trevithick Installation, booking by 1st October.
Friday 27th 1700 St. Enodoc 1st Degree.
Friday 27th 1600 Pendennis Installation, booking by Friday, 21st October.
Saturday 28th 1400 Cornish Acacia 3rd Degree & Elections.
Tuesday 31st Royal Albert Hall. United Grand Lodge of England Celebrations.

November 2017

Wednesday 1st 1900 St. Annes Open & Close in the 3 Degees followed by "Cornish Night". Booking by 27th October.
Wednesday 1st 1915 St. Levan 3rd Degree.
Wednesday 1st 1900 Three Grand Principles Elections.
Wednesday 1st 1530 Carlyon Installation, booking no later than Saturday, 28th October.
Thursday 2nd 1900 Restormel Reading of extracts from the Book of Constitutions.
Friday 3rd 1900 St. Euny 1st Degree Demonstration.
Monday 6th 1900 Loyal Victoria Elections.
Monday 6th 1900 Molesworth Ballots.
Tuesday 7th 1915 Trenwith 3rd Degree by Past Masters.
Tuesday 7th 1900 St. Petroc 1st Degree & Elections. St. Columb Masonic Hall.
Tuesday 7th 1600 St. Martins Installation.
Wednesday 8th Mount Edgcumbe Installation.
Thursday 9th 1915 Lyonesse 1st Degree.
Monday 13th 1915 One and All 3rd Degree & Ballot.
Monday 13th 1630 Tregenna Installation.
Tuesday 14th 1900 Trevaunance 1st Degree & 1000 Meeting.
Tuesday 14th 1615 St. Michael Installation, booking by 9th November.
Wednesday 15th 1915 Mount Sinai 3rd Degree by Past Masters.
Wednesday 15th Duke of Cornwall Installation.
Wednesday 22nd Cornish Masters Installation.
Saturday 25th Cornish Acacia Installation.
Thursday 30th St. Andrew Installation.

December 2017

Monday 4th Loyal Victoria Installation.
Tuesday 5th St. Petroc Installation.
Wednesday 6th 1900 Carlyon Two Grand Lodge Certificate & Masonic Bible presentations.
Wednesday 6th Zetland Installation.
Thursday 7th 1900 Restormel Elections & reading of the Byelaws.
Thursday 7th Cornubian Installation.
Friday 8th St. Mellyon Installation.
Sunday 10th St. Petroc's Church, Bodmin. Provincial Carol Service.
Monday 11th Love and Honour Installation.
Tuesday 12th St. Gluvias Installation.
Thursday 14th Eliot Installation.
Wednesday 20th 1915 Mount Sinai Elections.
Wednesday 20th Carew Installation.

January 2018

Tuesday 2nd True and Faithful Installation.
Wednesday 3rd Three Grand Principles Installation.
Thursday 4th 1600 Restormel Installation, booking by 22nd December 2017.
Monday 8th One and All Installation.
Tuesday 9th Fortitude Installation.
Wednesday 10th Dunheved Installation.
Thursday 11th Millennium Lodge of Cornwall Installation.
Monday 15th Phoenix Installation.
Tuesday 16th Tregullow Installation.
Wednesday 17th Mount Sinai Installation.
Monday 22nd Boscawen Installation.
Thursday 25th St. Pirans Installation.
Friday 26th St. Deny's Installation.

February 2018

Thursday 1st Towan Installation.
Tuesday 13th Peace and Harmony Installation.
Wednesday 14th Fowey Installation.
Friday 16th St. Stephen's Installation.
Tuesday 20th The Cornishman Installation.
Tuesday 27th Colville Smith Installation.
Wednesday 28th St. Budoc's Installation.

March 2018

Friday 2nd Eagle Installation.
Wednesday 7th St. Annes Installation.
Monday 12th Druids Installation.
Wednesday 21st Breanick Installation.
Friday 23rd Caradon Installation.
Tuesday 27th Tewington Installation.
Thursday 29th Cornish Ashlar Installation.

April 2018

Tuesday 10th Trevaunance Installation.
Thursday 12th Cotehele Installation.
Tuesday 17th Granville Installation.
Wednesday 18th Penhellaz Installation.
Thursday 19th St. George's Installation.
Monday 23rd Trewinnard Installation.

May 2018

Wednesday 2nd Molesworth Installation.
Friday 4th St. Euny Installation.
Thursday 10th Lyonesse Installation.
Friday 11th The King Arthur Installation.
Friday 18th Sir John Saint Aubyn Installation.
Tuesday 22nd Beacon Installation.
Wednesday 23rd Hamoaze Installation.
Friday 25th St. Enodoc Installation.

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