Active Provincial Chapter Officers & Toast List

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
David Walter Pascoe

Excellent Companion Anthony John Evans, PGStdB
Deputy Grand Superintendent





Appointed on Saturday, 7th October 2017


Active appointments    
Office Name Chapter
2nd Principal R.N. Clements 789
3rd Principal M.A. Williams 121
Scribe Ezra M.A.J. Barnard M.B.E. 5371
Scribe Nehemiah B.L. Hollands 75
Treasurer J.M. Arnold 5698
Registrar R.L. Cargeeg J.P. 121
Director of Ceremonies R.J. Thomson 1544
Sword Bearer M.J. Stephens 510
Deputy Director of Ceremonies A.J. Herdman 5698
Deputy Director of Ceremonies R.A. Williams 970
Almoner P.S. Christie 330
Charity Steward K.S. Bright 318
Principle Sojourner S.H. Chapman 331
1st Assistant Sojourner G.L. Osbrink 977
2nd Assistant Sojourner P. Kirkman 450
Assistant Scribe Ezra C.M. Sharrinton 5371
Standard Bearer P.A.G. Bolitho 557
Standard Bearer D.J.W. Gaunt 5371
Standard Bearer E.W. Moulson 7790
Organist R.J. Wills 1544
Assistant Director of Ceremonies J.J.P. Bonner 510
Assistant Director of Ceremonies T.S. Dawes 5698
Steward A.W. Harris 1071
Steward J.P. May 1006
Janitor T.J. Doran 330
Appointment to Past Rank    
Office Name Chapter
Past Provincial Sword Bearer D.R. Wing 967
Past Provincial Principal Sojourner A.C. Barker 3405
Past Provincial Principle Sojourner J.R. de Lisle Inniss 789
Past Provincial Principle Sojourner D.J. Richards 1164
Past Provincial Principle Sojourner E.A. Smith 7790
Past Provincial Principle Sojourner D.J. Reynolds 1544
Past Provincial Janitor K.P. Richards 496
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah R.G. Alberry 970
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah M.J. Barnes 331
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah J.C. Carter 967
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah M.J. Crago 1136
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah J.A.L. Freeman 318
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah E.W. Jayne 1529
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah W.J.E. Mayhew 1006
Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah C.J. Millard 496
Past Provincial Sword Bearer D.J.W. Gaunt 5371
Past Provincial Sword Bearer M. Louis-Smith 1544
Past Provincial Sword Bearer L. Newton 5371
Past Provincial Sword Bearer R.H. Purchase 450
Past Provincial Sword Bearer B. Tyler 4668
Past Provincial Standard Bearer S.J. Andrew 967
Past Provincial Standard Bearer R.W. Clarke 4668
Certificate of Service    
Certificate of Service L.R. Muchmore 510
Certificate of Service P.J. Neale 4668
Certificate of Service W.T. Doney    977




The Queen and Royal Arch Masonry

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Most Excellent, the First Grand Principal,
His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, KG, GCMG, GCVO, ADC *

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Most Excellent Pro First Grand Principal,
Peter Geoffrey Lowndes

The Most Excellent Second Grand Principal,
Russell John Race, DL

The Most Excellent Third Grand Principal,
Gareth Jones, O.B.E.

and the rest of the Grand Officers, Present and Past †

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent
David Pascoe

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Deputy Grand Superintendent
    Excellent Companion Anthony (Tony) Evans

The Provincial Second Grand Principal
Excellent Companion Roger Clements

The Provincial Third Grand Principal
Excellent Companion Michael Williams

and the rest of Provincial Grand Officers, Present and Past

*.. * ..* ..*.. *.. *.. *

The Principals of the Chapter

                     *   *   *   *   *   *   * etc, etc.

* The Honorifics (KG, etc) should be omitted when proposing this toast

† There need not always be a reply to this toast.                                                                  Dated 7th October 2017

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The Annual Convocation of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Cornwall will be held at The Atlantic Hotel, Newquay on Saturday, 6th October 2018 under the banner of St. Michael Chapter (2747) commencing at 11.30 a.m.